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Player Spotlight of The Week: Adam Rayner

By Alyssa Dyer, 03/28/18, 4:06PM EDT


In this week’s spotlight, we are featuring first-year Danger player, Adam Rayner. Adam recently helped the Tigers secure 3rd place at NCCAA Nationals and has also been selected to play at the Addix College All-Star game. Now a Grace Bible College Basketball alumnus, Adam is bringing his talents to the Grand Rapids Danger.

I was able to speak with Adam about his basketball background, his quick transition from collegiate to semi-professional basketball, and his aspirations for the upcoming season.


Q: What is your area of study at Grace Bible College?

A: Business management


Q: What would you like to do with that after school?

A: Work in insurance as a claims adjuster/ investigator


Q: Do you have any set plans for after graduation?

A: Playing for the Danger and I have another semester of school left before graduation. Playing basketball overseas is the main goal after school.


Q: How has the transition from college athlete to semi-professional athlete been? Any challenges?

A: It’s a lot faster, so getting used to the pace and whole new system have been the biggest adjustments.


Q: What made you want to pursue signing with the Danger?

A: Allen was my connection. He talked to me about the how the Danger can help me get drafted to play professionally overseas and everything seemed like a good fit.


Q: Ok, a few background questions for you; first, when and why did you first start playing basketball?

A: 9th grade. I never seriously considered playing basketball at all, but my parents said I should do it because I was tall. It’s actually a funny story, I started getting emails from the coach to come out for the team, so I did. I later found out it was my mom asking the coach to email me the whole time.


Q: What is your most memorable basketball moment?

A: My first ever dunk in a game as a sophomore in high school


Q: Who is your favorite athlete?

A: Tim Duncan


Q: What is your favorite sports team to follow?

A: The Cavaliers


Q: Outside of basketball, what do you like to do? Do you have any hobbies?

A: Just hanging out with my friends, playing videos games.


A: What's something not a lot of people know about you?
Q: I’m actually a really good runner. I’m good at long distance running.


Q: If you could have dinner with any three people, living or not, who would they be?

A: LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Drake.


Q: What have you enjoyed most so far playing for the Danger?

A: The team is really welcoming, all the guys are always trying to help each other out. The team is very supportive.


Q: What are your goals for this season playing for the Danger? Personally and as a team?

A: I would like to play well enough to get an offer to play overseas and average some good numbers this season. As a team, to have a winning record and to go all the way to win the championships.


See Adam and the rest of the team play the Indiana Revolution at the Danger’s first home game at Aldrich Athletic Center on Saturday, April 7th at 6 pm!